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Moreover, it must be noted that to be an effective mediator, Christ must be truly God and truly man. A mediator is a go-between who can represent the interests of both parties. This mediatorial sacrifice is offered for all kinds of people, not all people without distinction, as Calvin comments.

Calvin, Weber and the vanishing mediator

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Notify me. Description This study gives an account of the truth, scope, and validity of Calvin's Christological understanding of the law in the light of his concept of Christus mediator legis. It sets out the key points of the intellectual origins of Calvin's theology of the law, especially his study of law, Christ's mediation of the law in the Old and New Testaments, and the relationship between the duplex office and the triplex use of the law.

A comparative study between Calvin and contemporary Reformers-Luther, Bucer, Melanchthon, and Bullinger-and Servetus is made in order to point up the unique feature of the coherence between Christology and soteriology in Calvin's theology of the law.

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Calvin on Christ our Mediator as both God and Man

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Coffee with Calvin - A Year in the Institutes of the Christian Religion

According to Antonius Walaeus , long-time professor of theology at Leiden, this is the position of Augustine, Chrysostom, and other Church Fathers along with Calvin, Bucer, Junius, et al. The former pertains to human beings alone, but the latter includes the angels.

As Walaeus writes :. There is a debate among ancient and recent orthodox writers whether the angels were in need of a Mediator for the preservation of their original state. We readily concur with the affirmative position which has very weighty authors , because, on the one hand, in Scripture Christ alone is called the Son in whom the Father, namely by himself, was well pleased; and because, on the other hand, Christ specifically is called the prince and head of angels. So, did Christ need to take upon an angelic nature to be the mediator of those beings with an angelic nature? If Walaeus and Davenant are to be believed, Christ is the mediator of the whole unfallen angelic host!