Dystopian Fiction: Bunker (Battleship Earth Series Book 1)

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Doctor Randal Horne must return to New York City to investigate a tragic research lab accident that's left one man dead, and inexplicably headless. Now with the help View Product. Elk's Run: Tenth Anniversary Edition. And in the beginning, it seemed like it might actually work.

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Guerillas, Volume 3. Learn the secret origins of Adolf, Goliath and the rest of the apes as Dr. Heisler struggles to regain control of an increasingly dangerous situation in the jungle of Vietnam. When the country itself turns against the troops, death and Letter 44, Volume 3: Dark Matter. The presence of alien life has been revealed to the people of The presence of alien life has been revealed to the people of Earth, and all hell has broken loose. A battle rages for control of the planet, between a US-led coalition of nations and a second group Megagogo Volume What do you get when you put a washed up loser, an awkward teen going What do you get when you put a washed up loser, an awkward teen going through puberty, and an immortal being into a giant robot?

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A new ongoing graphic novel series from Wook Jin Clark! After ten years Polly and the Pirates, Volume 2: Mystery of. Polly Pringle reunites with her pirate crew at long last! Where is the V Plague series, I feel this book series should definitely be on here. I found it much better than some of the other ones one here.

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Defiantly should be on here, should take a look at it. This book is by Dirk Patton, and defiantly not a child book, I really think people would love it.

The True Story of the Battle of Bunker Hill

This book puts a twist on the normal, senseless zombies. Emergence was the first post-apocalyptic novel I ever read and the one that made me into a huge Science Fiction fan. I believe they were from the 80s, as if that narrows it down.. Let me provide some clues in the hope someone might help me. Remnants of U.

General Mad Max vibe, but with teamwork in armored vehicles with rather non-futuristic weapons and tech apart from the govt buker. I am looking for a book that is post apocalyptic written late 50s early 60s based in new york, clues to help find this book are as follows: tribeca, emp, atm, living underground , bartering for everyday neccesties like food , medicine. Thanks for providing the list because I have already looked for Science Fiction Books. I hope this is amazing for me. However Howley King? Highly disagree!

I read a book when i was young it was about a boy got sick in a cabin in the woods to wake up days later to find most of the population was gone…anyone remember that? This is a good list, with some great oldies, but your excuses for omiting The Stand and WWZ are lame. The Atwood books and several others are not very sci-fi. WWZ might be the most under appreciated work of fiction in the history of literature. It transcends any genre.

  • The Battle of Bunker Hill: An Interactive History Adventure | Capstone Young Readers;
  • The Battle of Bunker Hill: An Interactive History Adventure.
  • The Kissing Gate.

Swan Song sucks. Thank you for all the comments! One Second After, by William Forstchen…. Both books are on any list worth its salt. One Second After is a frightening yet compelling read, make sure you read the foreword too. It takes place in the not very distant future which is to say a few years ago, as it was written in , some time after an atomic war. The 30th amendment to the US constitution forbids cities of over a thousand, since it was the concentration of wealth and power both actual and political in the cities which made it so easy to shatter civilization.

The protagonist, although brought up like everyone else in the country as a religious anti-technological conservative, seeks a way to Bartorsville, a rumored technological utopia. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

With four books on this list, Hugh Howey is the current King of the Post-apocalypse. As the world and cyberworld come crashing down, bending perception and reality, a monster snowstorm cuts New York off from the world, turning it into a wintry tomb where nothing is what it seems… Author Mather has deep technology experience, and it shows: his nightmare scenario is hailed as both realistic and terrifying.

One Second After. The Atlantis Plague. Alas, Babylon. For in one hour is thy judgment come. Oryx and Crake.

A Canticle for Leibowitz. So there. Like all the best post-apocalypse stories, the famous and well-respected On the Beach examines ordinary people facing nightmare scenarios. The Year of the Flood. Prolific author Margaret Atwood had never written a sequel before this book. The Girl With All the Gifts. The Day Of The Triffids.

Riddley Walker. Join Best Sci Fi Books and get the best newsletter in the known universe. No spam. We hate that stuff. So glad to see Ridley Walker mentioned. Read it years ago. Loved it.

  • Candy Makes Three.
  • Charles Baudelaire (Critical Lives).
  • The Catholic Controversy!
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  • Suriax (History of Ondar Series Book 1).

A forgoten masterpiece. I read one book based on your reviews. Thanks article. Thanks for the list, I was looking for some good books to read. When I read comments from a booklist, I expect spoilers. It was my first taste of Science Fiction and it was a masterpiece. You have some of my favorites on here! I highly recommend The Death of Grass, too. Firelance by David Mace, I shall await your reading of such, and watch for a review….

Again, thanks for the list! I will continue working my way through it. Totally agree. Awesome round-up, thanks for sharing! Thanks again for your great reviews! I googled some key words that you mentioned — could it be Deathlands by james axler? Does anyone know the title?

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What a heartbreaking book. Glad someone mentioned The Dog Stars. Beautifully written and yes, I cried too. John Mandel.