Fifty Shades of Victorian Desire: An Anthology of Victorian Erotica

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Telegraph Lifestyle Women Sex. Mariella Frostrup, 53, tells Rowan Pelling how her own desires have changed over the decades T he mere mention of Mariella Frostrup reduces the most phlegmatic of men to dewy-eyed romantics.

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Mariella Frostrup. The sex I had when I was young was all about being driven by forces that felt outside of my control Mariella Frostrup. We've noticed you're adblocking. We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. Kamala Das' autobiography My Story traces her sexual awakening in stark detail, something that inspired as much praise as condemnation at the time. Mridula Garg's book Chittacobra showed her female protagonist indulging in cerebral reflection during sexual intercourse.

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She was arrested in for her portrayal. It would seem that reactions to their work are more telling of our collective state of mind — talking of the sensual had somehow acquired the mantle of subversion. It is erotic writing if you can bring the reader to a point of arousal, and no more. In , Tranquebar published a first-of-its-kind anthology of erotic fiction called Electric Feather.

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In his preface, editor of the collection Ruchir Joshi recounts his experience with asking well-known authors to write erotic stories. Not all jumped at the idea of writing "about and around the erotic and the sexual" — some didn't respond, others were disdainful of the idea. But what salvaged the project, and perhaps became a marker of its success, was the crop of young writers — Samit Basu, Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan, Sheba Karim, Tishani Joshi and others — who boldly went where no others dared to go.

It is also noteworthy that Aranyani, the nom-de-plume of the author of A Pleasant Kind of Heavy Aleph , a collection of stories about ordinary women's experiences with sex, was wary of revealing her true identity for a long time.

When she did make a public appearance at the Times Literary Festival in Mumbai in December , she mentioned that she carried the pen name out of a wish for protection from judgment by family and professionals who might be upset about the explicit sexual content. In , something shifted when E.

Bringing Sexy Back

James' Fifty Shades trilogy took the world by storm. The three-part ode to BDSM and kinky, forbidden sex, found its way into shops online and even on railway stations, personal bookshelves, and into the hands of thousands of women reading it on commuter trains. Despite the fact that the book has practically no depth of character or literary finesse, its popularity presented a moment of reckoning. Image 2nd. Like it or not, James' mommy-porn has given erotica renewed legitimacy, now that it qualifies as a "genre" that publishers and writers are actively engaging with.

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Meanwhile, Zubaan also released an anthology of women's erotica edited by Rosalyn D'Mello in January to much critical acclaim. Nagpal's stories range from a sexting match between a Haryanvi Jat and a Bengali woman, to another man's strategic, planned moves to get his prudish wife to have morning sex with him. Written exclusively from a male point of view, these are situational, humorous representations that make for lighter reading. There's more to my stories than sex.

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Too much descriptiveness and graphic elements just make it porn," he elucidates. Writer Sreemoyee Piu Kundu agrees. It isn't a wham-bam-thank you, ma'am sort of situation that books like Fifty Shades trigger. With a line-up like that, I was pretty confident about how the poetry side of things was going to go, but I also felt pressure to hold up my end of proceedings. The Keen Bean had the intimate atmosphere sorted already, so all that was left was the running order.

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Richard and Rachel, as it turns out, have very complementary styles. Richard approaches his subjects with great intensity and depth while Rachel has a sparer touch, drawing out her often startling observations with deceptive simplicity.

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They share a love of form and a nice line in almost masochistic emotional honesty, and watching them alternate was like taking a too-deep breath in and then puffing it out too fast: both giddying and intense experiences, but in different ways. They were brilliant on Saturday, and I really hope we can put on this show again so more people can see it. The whole event went as well as I had hoped it would, not least due to the relaxed charm of the Keen Bean and Will Davies himself.

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