Lovestruck: a paranormal vampire romance (The Marek Brothers: a romantic vampire thriller Book 1)

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Everyone knows what happened in "Psycho," but this chilling series takes viewers inside Norman Bates' world before Marion Crane checked in. Before the infamous murder, before the fruit cellar corpse, before he was committed A failed government experiment unleashes a swarm of bloodthirsty bats.

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Now it's up to a sheriff and a scientist to put a stop to the flying vampires. Killer mutant bats invade a small town. Bad luck or government plot? Wait until the guano really hits the fan. Trapped in a no man's land between the German and Allied trenches during WWI, three British soldiers try to survive and find their way back to safety. Starring: Tim Pocock, Byron J. The Japanese government introduces a system whereby randomly chosen schoolchildren are taken to an island and forced to fight each other to the death.

After cybernetic Cylons all but wipe out the human race, the few survivors aboard the Battlestar Galactica search for the mythical planet Earth.

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Humanity's home is gone. Total extinction is imminent. But one hope remains: Seek out the fabled refuge called Earth. What began as an improbable friendship between two very opposite girls on the Atlantic City boardwalk becomes an unbreakable lifelong bond. As he comes to grips with his attraction to big, hairy men, cute cub Tyler struggles to figure out his place within the tight-knit bear community.

A hairstylist fed up with her boss gives him a run for his money by setting up her own beauty shop complete with sassy stylists and quirky clientele. Look out, Atlanta! This hairdresser's got the goods, and she'll make her shop a success against all odds. A young journalist gets hired to write a career-making story on love in the workplace but must ultimately choose between her assignment and her heart. When ladies' man Robin meets Jamika, he falls head over heels, but she greets him with four surprises: her son and her girlfriend Bebe's three kids. To impress his date, he'll have to play nice with her friend's kids.

No guarantees they'll play nice back. In this sequel to Get Shorty, ex-loan shark Chili sets his sights on the music business. His first client is a singer on the run from the Russian mob. This reformed gangster is trying to go legit as a Hollywood music mogul. Same song, different label. It's a dog's life for stray pooch Beethoven and his puppy family, but when a movie-star canine gets dognapped, Beethoven is chosen to take his place.

This documentary reconstructs the history of gay and lesbian life leading up to the Stonewall riots, from s Harlem to the McCarthy era. A young man is recruited by both a notorious triad and the law enforcement officials who need inside evidence to prosecute the criminals.

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Narrated by Whoopi Goldberg, this documentary follows the career of puppeteer Kevin Clash, the soft-spoken man behind the furry red monster Elmo. Biographical Documentaries Critically-acclaimed Movies Documentaries. Love stories fizzle again and again for a woman and her daughter. It's only the scenery that changes. In this thriller, an American submarine stumbles upon a downed British hospital ship while navigating treacherous waters during World War II. Stunning photography captures surfer Jordy Smith displaying the kind of tradition-breaking skill that put him on the map as a teenager.

Responsible for the terrible car accident years earlier that left her sister disfigured, Christy finds herself haunted by frightening premonitions.

Plagued by nightmares of her sister buried alive. It could be guilt A World War I-era Australian engineer sent to the Western Front becomes part of a plan to detonate an explosive charge under the German front lines. The most explosive moment of World War I didn't take place on the battlefield. He went even deeper. A shy sound engineer agrees to work on a depraved horror film, only to find that the dysfunction surrounding the project blurs fiction and reality. At the Olympics held in Berlin, a Jewish high jumper is barred from competition by the Nazi party in spite of international protest.

Berlin Olympics, A triumph planned by the Nazis. Until two athletes with dangerous secrets make other plans.

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Infamous cousins Micky and Ray run London's top firm. In times of need they only trust each other and a man named Trenchard.

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Losing a boatload of coke is no way to move up the gangster food chain -- but it is a good way to get six feet under. Join Bernard, the polar bear without fur, as he leaves his frigid homeland to travel the world, play sports and have comical adventures. This silly bear knows how to have fun no matter where he goes, and he'll make you laugh right along with him. In this Bollywood romance, immature car thief Besharam becomes enchanted by Tara, the beautiful owner of a Mercedes-Benz he recently stole.

Featuring local voices that reverberate globally, these talks celebrate the best of TEDx and its mantra of "ideas worth spreading. Starring: Larry Smith, David R.

Most people don't set out to produce a horrible film, so how exactly does it happen? This documentary attempts to answer that question. Bored with their routine suburban existence, a group of overachieving Asian American teenagers inject some danger into their lives. Young, bored and brilliant -- a deadly combo. In Southern California, prepare for a new class of criminal.

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A woman who is prone to irrational bouts of fury begins a steamy romance with a handyman and writer in this Oscar-nominated drama. Chihuahua Chloe rides in style in her owner's designer bag -- until the pampered pooch gets lost during a Mexican vacation and must find her way home. Looking for someone to tail her shady boyfriend, a pretty woman hires a ham-fisted orphan -- who was raised and tutored by ninjas -- for the job. Legendary and indestructible rock drummer Ginger Baker is the focus of this documentary, which recaps his turbulent history and many influences.

When Alina tries to rekindle the intense relationship with her childhood friend Viochita, who's now a nun, things spiral out of control. The Martin family purchases an android to perform menial household tasks. Before long, he begins to experience human feelings and creative thought. When three teens free a spirit that offers to grant each a wish, they choose to become their favorite superheroes, launching a series of adventures. Three cool kids turn into their comic book heroes. The only catch? The comic's ultra-weird villains are real now, too!

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A vigilante cop joins forces with the father of a murder victim to interrogate the main suspect in a series of brutal child homicides. Two sets of twins separated at birth connect 40 years later, setting up a comical tale of mistaken identities, split personalities and double trouble. Just released from prison after serving a year sentence, hardened crook Bulla agrees to be the subject of a documentary.

The baddest, meanest dude in London just got out of prison. So little time, so many skulls to crack. Junior high students Jason and Kaylee take action when a greedy Hollywood producer turns Jason's essay into a hit film without giving him credit. A scheming teenager learns how the pros do it when a Hollywood hotshot rips him off.

Now Hollywood had better look out. Filmmaker Chris Bell points the camera at his brothers and himself -- all steroid users -- for this provocative examination of sports and competition.

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British documentarian Nick Broomfield investigates the murders of rappers Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls, digging up some surprises in the process. An orphan boy learns about responsibility, commitment and friendship when he's hired by a wealthy sportsman to train his Irish setter for a dog show. A real estate con man, upon learning he's headed for prison, hires a martial arts guru to train him for the purpose of self-defense behind bars. Terrified of prison love, a nerdy convict meets a mysterious master of thwarting unwanted advances -- dragon-kick style.

Three friends, once a promising hip-hop group but now nearing middle age, reunite on the evening of Barack Obama's first presidential win. From hip-hop to big flop. Faded dreams get these guys down, but on election night , anything can happen. A top British comic, a trip to Borneo and one of history's forgotten men.