Matinee Masquerade (Victorian Passions)

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In this chapter, I want to move from these rescuing angels to discuss the work of women who worked within the commercial theatre as it was constituted in various forms across the nineteenth century — that is, women playwrights who routinely worked for money, in theatres where the house takings were as important as aesthetic achievement or legitimacy. This process is experimental and the keywords may be updated as the learning algorithm improves.

This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Outside my scope here is the movement of women into the early film industry in Britain. Google Scholar. Frohman Collections The show never really takes off, but it does have moments, thanks to the talented eight-person cast A little bit of improv and a little bit of audience participation are thrown in; more of each would help Jason Zinoman. Bill OReilly Killed Lincoln?

Studies in Natural Products Chemistry: 37? The Moderate Soprano. Heaven at Seven. Please upgrade your browser. See next articles. Latest in Videos Brantley Advertisement. Similar authors to follow You must select a newsletter to subscribe to. Charles E. Frohman Collections Please ensure that you present your meal vouchers on arrival at the restaurant. At Duke of York's Theatre? People also read?

Qui sommes-nous?? Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content. Advertisement Hide. Once again George Borrow continues to interest a devoted group of scholars, critics, and enthusiasts. Two illustrated issues of the George Borrow Bulletin appeared during Ann M.

The autumn number GBB 13[] also has material of interest. Three booklets illustrated in black and white and colour appeared under the Lavengro Press imprint during This fascinating booklet contains a useful index pp. Notebooks and other materials edited in part by Angus Fraser and completed by Ann M.

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The late Angus M. Ridler pp. Ridler, with acknowledgements to Chris Moughton pp. The final booklet published by the Lavengro Press in , like the others well illustrated in black and white and colour, is George Borrow : The Unveiling of the Veiled Period and Other Papers. A single Samuel Butler item appearing in has come to my attention.

Wells, Virginia Woolf, and E. The afterlife of Thomas Carlyle is a vigorous one. An appendix pp.

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A number of articles on Carlyle appeared during Three of these appeared in book collections. The Carlyle work receiving the most attention is Sartor Resartus, initially published in —4 pp. The essay was originally published in the New Criterion in February , but is worth another read in the context of this collection, which seeks to redefine conservatism by looking to its emphasis on literature as a forum for ideas. Each essay in the collection looks at conservatism in a specific context, which reveals an important level of complexity and nuance to the conservative vision.

Rebecca N. Grant F. Scott has edited The Illustrated Letters of Richard Doyle to his Father, —43 in a sumptuous volume replete with illustrative plates and other illustrations from their work and letters. The fifty-three illustrated letters included in the volume Richard Doyle wrote between the ages of 17 and 19, are annotated in detail at the conclusion of each letter.

In his preface pp. In creating the anti-hero Svengali in Trilby [], Du Maurier would fail to escape, for many years, the association of his name with this anti-hero and with anti-Semitism. Allingham pp. This year witnessed a flurry of publications by and about Richard Jefferies. Eric Jones writes in his introduction pp. This collection and Ben Tubbs Adventures are remarkable value. Two issues of the Richard Jefferies Society Journal appeared in Caroline A. Published in The Scots Magazine, 1 February pp.

In the latter he was writing to make a living, with his eye focused on the market for agricultural journalism. An important edition published during is Amber K. As she writes in her extensively documented introduction pp. There are five appendices pp. He also wants to place Thornton in a wider social context, such as Irish land reform and Anglo-Indian politics, and beyond the realm of political economy to which he has so far been relegated.

He also had an important relationship with John Stuart Mill as a loyal patron. The poems touch on topics such as the loss of his daughter, the existence of God, and the longing for a pastoral life. The chapter proceeds to examine several of these themes in turn.

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This volume not only opens up the life of a complex, engaging, and important personage, but also comments on several key contexts of the Victorian period. Troy J. In this article Bassett makes a case for the importance of Robert Barr. He also owned and edited the monthly magazine Idler and was involved in many literary clubs.

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The article includes a reprint of the four letters. Bassett concludes with the hope that these letters will inspire further interest in Barr.

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Matthew Arnold is the subject and framing for a special issue of Victorian Poetry on the ballad form. The articles on works on poetry in this issue are reviewed in the relevant section below. This article is full of clever subtitles and insightful connections between digestion and rebellion, honey bees and labour, and idealism and materialism.

Gillian Beer published a major work on Lewis Carroll this year. She includes information about his life, critical assessments of his work, and samples from the Alice books. The chapters are organized thematically. The reader also features largely in this chapter as Alice and the reader of Alice learns to navigate slippery meanings.

There were two works on Disraeli this year. The story focuses on their work together on The Representative, a political paper that failed before it even started. The forces that caused this failure, which Akel dubs mainly human ones, help us understand Disraeli and the Victorian print culture in new ways. Akel focuses on one eventful year, from the summer of to the summer of Mayer places this important image of Disraeli within the framework of Victorian celebrity culture.

This article provides an interesting perspective on Disraeli, while also commenting on the broader issue of celebrity culture and self-fashioning in the Victorian period. Mill also argued for right-to-work principles and free education for the poorest children.

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