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South Africa has everything from wild coastlines to rugged mountaintops and super cities. Here are 10 great highs to get you going, when deciding what to experience. Writer, historian and TV commentator saw himself as outspoken, courageous and aggressive. Post baby photo? Jennifer Ryan. Giovanna Fletcher, her husband Tom and their two sons Buzz and Buddy. More from The Irish Times Fashion. Sponsored Free workshops at your Local Enterprise Office will prepare your business for customs. Ireland must prepare for international tax turbulence. Employers are recognising the importance of supporting employees' mental health.

Next Town Over, Volume 1: Maybe Next Time

Commenting on The Irish Times has changed. To comment you must now be an Irish Times subscriber. The account details entered are not currently associated with an Irish Times subscription. Please subscribe to sign in to comment. A street sweeper was called in to clear out all the trash - after a bucket of needles was collected.

I am calling for this meeting to happen without delay, because the situation outside of the House of Correction, within the Newmarket Square area and down Melnea Cass Boulevard has become untenable. The health and safety of our officers, staff and guests coming to the House of Correction is clearly in jeopardy, as is that of the other visitors to the area. In truth, it has been for some time. Compare to what happened after a student at the Orchard Gardens School, just on the other side of Methadone Mile, was pricked by a needle while playing outside in the school yard - where addicts like to shoot up.

Parents organized a protest in which they briefly shut down Melnea Cass Boulevard. No elected city officials showed up.

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After leaving the street, parents entered the school - which students had already left for the day - to continue the protest. A BPS official began yelling at them to vacate the school immediately, that they had no right to be there. Parents ignored him. The mayor's education aide, Rob Consalvo, who had watched the protest outside, then got into an argument with parents about whether the city was doing enough to protect the kids.

One of the people he argued with was community activist Domingos DaRosa, who had, during the earlier part of the protest, led reporters on tours of the school playground and field looking for needles and other evidence of drug use - which they quickly found. BPD seems to focus traffic enforcement in spots where bad crashes occur.

Now they're fighting crime in a location where a bad assault occurred. Why aren't the police and street sweepers at this location every day or every week? Not just in reactionary mode? The police show up, yuck it up, clean up and leave never to be seen again unless they are cruising through.

Traffic on Blue Hill Ave, top to bottom, is hazardous. However, the Dorchester Day Parade family friendly event was littered with police presence, horses, paddy wagons, bike unit, cruisers, you name it.

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  • The level of apathy for the quality of life in areas of crime is astounding, yet consistent. Specifically, it's because a LEO was assaulted. Let's not kid ourselves by thinking that the same level of concern would be had if it was a regular citizen that was harmed. Thats why. Being pro-active is not what we do here. If you don't like it, apparently the POTUS thinks you should go back to whatever "hellhole" you come from. Maybe the local media should I dunno, listen and report? This is not about the opioid epidemic. Zones of lawlessness and public health hazard have existed before.

    While the specific details of what initially caused people to gather there heroin on Methadone Mile, prostitution in the Combat Zone, gambling in early Chinatown, crack cocaine in Dudley, etc. Maybe it's racism, or classism, or garden-variety lack of political interest, but this is about Newmarket and South Bay not being treated with the same respect as other neighborhoods in the city.

    We do not need to solve the entire opioid epidemic before we do something about the acute hazards presented by Methadone Mile. That's classic do-nothing thinking. If they don't congregate there is such large numbers and commit crimes with impunity, then this would indeed be very nice work.

    Unfortunately I'm pretty sure almost every one of these people is already back at this intersection. I really, really feel for the Orchard Garden parents and students, along with those who live around the school, but the what went down yesterday was a response to a violent attack, person on person or more accurately, a bunch of persons on one person. What happened in response was a removal of people, some arrested while others were just sent packing. Then city workers cleaned up the block. In the end, needles will probably reappear on Atkinson Street, probably later today.

    What is going on at Orchard Garden is people transiting, injecting poison in their veins while they pass by. Atkinson was an encampment. You cannot compare the two. And to be clear, something needs to be done at Orchard Gardens, but what was done yesterday would not help them at all if done there.

    Get a clue - if they stopped housing detainees, they might have room for treatment centers and that would SOLVE the problem. When someone makes a bad argument you dont need to follow them down the dumbass hole. Massachusetts does allow for involuntary commitment in the case of addicts. Some of the preventative measures to prevent or reduce addiction, such as suing drug companies, targeting traffickers of illegal fentynal are all good, but don't address those who are already addicted and beyond being able to make good choices for themselves.

    There are plenty of resources in Boston for addicts to get help voluntarily.

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    For the people who are still falling between the cracks and endangering the public by dropping needles on playgrounds and shitting in the street, the city should explore a civil commitment policy, similar to the statutes they use to lock up and monitor pedophiles who have served their time, but are still a pretty predictable risk to the public.

    I have all the sympathy in the world for people who struggle with this affliction. I just din't think leaving them to sleep in the street, nod off while walking in to traffic or fighting each other for a fix is a humanitarian solution.

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    • In other words, there is a difference between falling down a flight of stairs and being pushed down a flight of stairs. You are injured after both, but you have a clear assailant for one. This needle can cause infections and diseases that can cause serious harm to these innocent children. How is this different than a violent act? Why are you ok with drug addicts and violent humans lingering outside the school playground shooting up?

      How is this fair to our children and what example is this setting?

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      I hate that people shoot up heroin. Everything after that gets me more annoyed. But I do believe that a phrase was coined to discuss the last time laws were enforced to handle a drug scourge. One police-adjacent person exposed to health risk: Drop everything! Now we've got a crisis on our hands!

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      It's pretty clear what the city's priorities are.