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Lower down, she was shutting the nearest window to Goswell-street. She was examined by the Magistrate once; I think it was at the third examination. She was five yards or more from the passage window. Did your cousin say that night, that she had seen any one at the window - A.

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Yes, and that she knew him. On the 17th of April, I was at Wilderness-row, and saw Barlow having hold of Saxton, I ran and asked if he was an officer, he said, No! Barlow's house; he said he had not been into Old-street-road but once for the last three months. I said he was at Barlow's house drinking, he said he believed he was once or twice - I went to search him; Mr.

Barlow was present, and said, you have been in my house several times; he said he did not recollect being there more than once or twice. He took off his coat and threw it down, in the pocket I found three keys; I asked what the middle key was, he said it belonged to his room door. I asked where he lived, he paused some time, then said he could not tell the street - I also found a knife in the same pocket.

I was present when Redding was brought in by Saunders, and I took his brother who was with him; the prosecutor said,. I asked Redding if he knew Saxton, who was locked up behind - he did not see him, he said he did not, and had not been at Barlow's with him.

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I sent them to the office in a coach, and took Saxton myself, and asked if he knew Jones or Richards he had not seen them he said, No. The Magistrate was See original not sitting, and I took them all to another watch-house; they appeared strange to each other, and still gave their names as Jones, Richards, and Saxton. Next day, I went to No. On the morning of the 26th of March, I was informed of this robbery, the prosecutor and his wife described the persons they suspected; the prisoner's height answers the description, but not their dress.

I examined the premises, and went in search with the prosecutor several nights and days to look for them; he said he should know them if he saw them; his wife said she saw one of them drinking in the house, and the other descend from the window. On the 17th of April, in consequence of what the prosecutor said, I went to St. Luke's watch-house, and saw Saxton; he asked for pen and ink, and paper, which was given him; the bellman came by for the letters, he gave the paper through the hole, saying, it was too late to send it by post - it was written upon, I produce it reads.

They all three told the Magistrate they had no residence, they were asked where they slept the night before, Saxton said, at No. I examined the premises the morning after the robbery; the bed-room window is about ten feet five inches from the ground, the bars would be an assistance to them, the top of the shutter is three feet from the window, they could stand on it and easily get in. Yes, there was marks of violence outside the window, the two locks of the secretary had been forced in a similar way. I was at home all that night, I knew the house, and never left the neighbourhood.

I am a publican. Redding was a customer of mine, he was in my house on the 26th of March, and paid me 13 s. I live at Halstead, Essex, and am a farmer. I was told my handkerchief was gone, I missed it; the prisoner was stopped in two or three minutes, and as I came up, I saw the handkerchief fall from him - I am certain it is mine. I am a ship-caulker, and was in Bishopsgate-street about eleven o'clock in the morning, and saw the prisoner close behind the prosecutor; I saw him pull the handkerchief about half out, he got it out by the second attempt. I was about twenty yards from him, he crossed the road and looked behind, he gave me a kind of a nod, which I understood to mean I was to say nothing about it.

I followed and overtook him near the Exchange without losing sight of him - he dropped it when I was within a yard of him. I took charge of the prisoner. Prisoner's Defence. I picked it up, another man ran away; I put it in my pocket, and ran after him - they said I did it. Transported for Life. I live in the Borough. Myers, the fishmonger's area. I am thirteen years old. I was in Mr. Myers's shop, and heard the cry.

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  • I went down the area and picked up the snuff-box, and gave it to the prosecutor, the prisoner was stopped - he said he picked it up. I live at the City of London Tavern. I followed the prisoner and saw the handkerchief sticking under his apron - I took it from him - I did not see him at the shop.

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    I was at Aldgate, I heard somebody say, that is him, I went over; the prosecutor wished to let him go - he picked it up. I was passing by the shop, saw it at my feet, and walked on with it in my hand, as nobody claimed it. I gave information, he was taken eight or ten days after; I am quite sure he is the man - I saw my handkerchief in his waistcoat.

    I was on Holborn-hill with Mathews, and saw the prisoner push the gentleman, and then ran away - I knew him before; he went down Field-lane, we did not follow him there.

    I took the prosecutor's address, and saw the prisoner again on the Saturday week after, and took him - I did not find the handkerchief. I was on Holborn-hill, the prisoner passed me in company with another man; I was talking to Weldon, and saw him rush against the prosecutor and run across the road into Field-lane, I said it was useless following him.

    I have not found my petticoat. I live in the same room as Greenfield. I got up about seven o'clock, the prisoner was then gone with the things stated in the indictment, which were safe when she was in the room; when she was taken, she had my boots on and a flannel petticoat.

    I am a constable. On the 7th of May, I and Watts were looking after the prisoner; I found her in a privy, I found an old cap in the privy - she took it from me and threw it down the privy - I found the flannel petticoat there also. Confined Three Months. I live at Birmingham. I am a tin plate-worker. I stood in the court, and saw the prisoner take the handkerchief out of the prosecutor's pocket, and put it in the sleeve of his coat - I pointed him out to Mr. Pemberton, we secured him. I saw the handkerchief taken from him.

    I am a merchant , and live in Duke-street, Aldgate. Mary Axe - my brother was a few steps before me. I had a gold watch and some money about me; I was going to join my brother when the prisoner Baker darted on me, took my watch from my pocket and ran off; he came from the other side of the way, there was a very strong gas-light - I am confident he is the person - he got my watch and ran away; I immediately pursued, and was crossed by four other men.

    I called Stop thief! I said. I was coming home with my brother, and was going through Bevis Marks to Duke-street. I heard him cry, Stop! Jacobs came up and asked him where he had dinged it, Baker said, into the kennel. I saw Jacobs go to the kennel - I pulled him down, and took the watch out of the kennel and gave it to Stone; the other men were taller than, Jacobs - I cannot say if he was one of the four.

    Between nine and ten in the evening, I heard the cry of Stop thief!

    I was with Stone, heard the cry, and saw Baker running - he was secured. I was afraid of a rescue, and drew my cutlas. On the evening of the 18th of April, I missed a shawl. On the 18th of April, about half-past eleven o'clock at night, I found the prisoner sitting at a door, with her head on her lap - she had a bundle with her; I said,.