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Miss Pymbrokes Rules (Cats of Mayfair, #2)

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These are special regencies, featuring charming and amusing young heroines in a vast variety of situations. She might be a highly-born young lady who finds herself in the power of a handsome, but Rakish and socially tarnished guardian, or she might be a poor but intelligent young woman who discovers that taking a job as a governess means dealing with the dark, mysterious, widowed master of the house.

Sometimes our "Miss" has a habit of getting herself into the worst possible situations, stumbling from one disaster to the next and leaving it to the long-suffering hero to rescue her.

On other occasions, she may be the unwitting object of a wager between a pair of Rakes, resulting in an outcome surprising to everyone involved. Some "Misses" see themselves as matchmakers, and diligently ply their supposed skills on those around them without taking care to watch over the susceptibility of their own hearts. Others are burdened with overbearing mamas or family members bent on finding her a good match, regardless of the "Miss's" desires.

Regency "Misses" can be heiresses, and therefore subject to unwanted marriages to "secure" their properties, or they can be poor and powerless, and therefore subject to unwanted marriages to "secure" their futures.