New Kid

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    New Kid

    New Words Whexit. He is then later revealed by the government as the Dragonborn or "Dovahkiin. In the Fractured But Whole, however, there are no ranks for superheroes, instead, "his" name varies, including Butthole, Buttlord, Buttstuff, Fartlord and so on. In Phone Destroyer , the New Kid is a child who simply does not care about anything outside "his" phone, being on the phone all the time makes "him" the master of "his" phone.

    Having defeated all the enemies, "he" earns the title "The Ultimate Phone Destroyer".

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    Many characters have perceived this kind of personality as phone addiction. The New Kid's personality is largely unknown. Early in the game, no matter what you type in the "What's your name" box, Cartman will always give him the name "Douchebag". They don't speak or seem phased by anything that goes on.

    New Kids On The Block

    The only time they show any real emotion, is when they smiles due to Butters healing him in the game. Several events also cause him to react in surprise, shock or disgust, an example being when they are set on fire during battle, however they are mute throughout all these and never makes a sound. In the ending he will speak once by simply saying, "Screw you guys, I'm going home.

    Seemingly apathetic on the outside, he seem to be very engaged in South Park, he worked hard to ensure the town safe, including climbing into Mr. A prominent part of his character is his inability or as is revealed at the end of the storyline, his reluctance thereof to speak. This is commented on by several characters throughout the game, including the New Kid's parents.

    This is considered a major annoyance to everyone except the girls, who, in particular Bebe Stevens , find this to be hot. Despite this, his actions seem to indicate that he willingly participates within the game's events and his mute nature is merely a lampshade of common video game tropes.

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    Ironically enough, despite his personality, he is capable of making a huge number of friends. Any past transgressions he commits on the main characters is quickly forgiven and they forge close friendships together even if sometimes it feels particularly one sided. His use of computers in his bedroom and on board the alien ships indicate that he is at least familiar with technology. His most noted ability, though far from his only, is the speed of which he can make friends, despite his muteness. A government official noted that before he disappeared, he had amassed 3.

    He is quickly able to befriend the local inhabitants, to the point where any action he has performed on them earlier on is quickly forgiven. Despite being drawn into the kids' game with no experience or training, the new kid is quickly proved to be a considerable fighter.

    The New Kid by Mike Makley on Baseball Almanac

    When in battle, his attacks are shown to be highly powerful and damaging, allowing him to take on such opponents as aliens and bears with ease. He has also been shown to overpower entire squads of enemies with a partner, though it is implied that he could take them on alone if need be. The most visible sign of his skills are shown when he overpowered Cartman or Kyle single handed. The New Kid develops new skills and abilities for battle at the beginning of the game.

    Cup-A-Spell is an attack that can be used in and out of battle. The New Kid can direct where his attack goes. He is also taught the Sneaky Squeaker by Randy Marsh which can be used to distract an enemy. The last magic attack he is taught is Nagasaki by Terrance and Phillip. The New Kid is the main character of the game. He moves to South Park after something happens in his old town, which he seems to forget. He meets Butters , who brings him to Kupa Keep. There, he joins the humans in their fight for the Stick.

    He stays with them, but he is eventually given a choice. Stay with them, or switch sides and help the Drow Elves. Regardless, the Stick was taken by neither side.