Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry: Job Descriptions, Key Result Area & Key Performance Indicators

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This method is usually a combination of two other methods namely, the rating scale and critical incident technique of employee evaluation. It is defined as the frequency rating of critical incidents which the employee has performed over a specific duration in the organization. It was developed because methods like graphic rating scales and behaviorally anchored rating scales BARS depend on vague judgments made by the supervisors about employees.

This process is conducted by managers and subordinates who, through degrees, measure certain factors about the employees. These are behavior and competence, skills such as listening, planning and goal-setting, teamwork, character, and leadership effectiveness. Checklist and Weighted Checklist Method The checklist method comprises a list of set objectives and statements about the employee's behavior.

For example, leadership skills, on-time delivery, innovation, etc. If the appraiser believes that the employee possesses the trait mentioned in the checklist, he puts a tick in front of it. If he thinks the employee doesn't have a particular trait he will leave it blank and mentions about it in the improvement column. Weighted checklist is a variation of the checklist method where a value is allotted to each question.

The value of each question can differ based on its importance. The total score from the checklist is taken into consideration for evaluating the employee's performance. It poses a strong threat of bias on the appraiser's end. Though this method is highly time-consuming and complex, it is widely used for performance evaluation. He may assign biased weights to the questions.

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Graphic Rating Scale Method Graphic rating scale is one of the most frequently used performance evaluation methods. A simple printed form enlists the traits of the employees required for completing the task efficiently. They are then rated based on the degree to which an employee represents a particular trait that affects the quantity and quality of work. A rating scale is adopted and implemented for judging each trait of the employee. The merit of using this method is that it is easy to calculate the rating.

However, a major drawback of this method is that each characteristic is given equal weight and the evaluation may be subjective. Comparative Evaluation Method Two ways are used to make a comparative evaluation, namely, the simple ranking method and the paired comparison method.

In the simple or straight ranking method the employee is rated by the evaluator on a scale of best to worst. However, the evaluator may be biased and may not judge the overall performance effectively in the absence of fixed criteria. This kind of evaluation may be more opinion-based than fact-based.

Under the paired comparison method, the overall performance of one individual is directly compared with that of the other on the basis of a common criterion. This comparison is all evasive and not job-specific. While some employees emerge as clear front runners, there are others who seem to be lagging behind. This is useful in companies which have a limited number of promotions or funds. You may want to convert these values into a percentage of the total score. Forced Choice Method In this method, the appraiser is asked to choose from two pairing statements which may appear equally positive and negative.

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However, the statements dictate the performance of the employee. An excellent example of this can be "works harder" and "works smarter". The appraiser selects a statement without having knowledge of the favorable or the unfavorable one. This method works in companies where the appraiser shows a tendency to under-evaluate or over-evaluate the employees. Also, it is very costly to implement and does not serve the purpose of developing the employees. It can also frustrate the appraiser as he does not know which is the right option.

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Forced Distribution Method In this method, the appraiser rates employees according to a specific distribution. For example, out of a set of 5 employees, 2 will get evaluated as high, 2 will get evaluated as average while 1 will be in the low category. This method has several benefits as it tries to eliminate the leniency and central tendency of the appraiser.

However, its biggest drawback is the fact that it encourages discrimination among the employees. Another major problem with this method is that it dictates that there will be forced distribution of grades even when all the employees are doing a good job. Essay Evaluation Method In the essay method of evaluation the appraiser writes an elaborate statement about the employee who is being evaluated. He mentions the employee's strengths and weaknesses. Sunil permalink. Atul chavan permalink. Kartheek E permalink.

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I will be kind enough if i get an example of KRA of Commercial manager. This is very nice and interesting. I hope to be seing this exercise frequently. I will try my best to do my kra. Thanks a lot. Hi, just checking in to see if you are available to make your world-class KRA concepts for paralegal department. Thus, could you provide me a manual for my staff.

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We respect your email privacy. I was frustrated, full of fear, had run out of options, and felt I had nowhere left to go - a really BAD space. Unre, within 6 hours, kickstarted a process of turning this completely around - through what I like to think of as an "intervention" of sorts - solid situation coaching and making me aware of options I didn't even know existed. The journey has just begun - here's to my coach, mentor and councillor - thanks Unre!

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Ask I often hear people in the company talking about Key Results Areas. People in careers manage their careers by understanding and reporting on key results areas. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Retired Member Start date Jul 18, Retired Member Jul 18, We have received no training and I am finding it difficult to come up with 2 additional ones beyond the obvious "customer service".

Any one have any thoughts or suggestions? There is very little helpful info in the net about KRA's specifically pertaining to Quality. Please clarify. It is a task or activity that must be done to ensure success primary job responsibilities. KPIs are quantifiable measures used to measure the critical success factors within an organization to determine the organization's performance level.