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All the work you have invested will be lost if you decide to sell somewhere else. Another pitfall.

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And while the book was on sale you had sales. That means it is important to get it right on the very first try. We have known authors who spent weeks trying to replace faulty files in the Amazon upload system. When you work with an independent conversion house such as Authorlink Publishing Services, rather than relying on Amazon tools, errors can be minimized, and the process can prove less stressful.

KDP Publishing 2019: Is It Still Worth It?

Knowing this will determine which sales channels and devices you target. Amazon devices have very limited support for such rich media. Ebook Architects has a good chart for helping you decide whether to distribute through Apple or Barnes and Noble, Kobo or Google, all of which have better support for enhanced media. If unexpected anomalies occur and they sometimes do a professional can solve the issues quickly.


Yes, you possibly can see your book on Amazon within 48 hours, provided you have already correctly formatted the book and uploaded it to the publishing platform without a hitch. When the book goes through quality control, Amazon can flag it for formatting errors and send your file back to square one. The issues may not be clear as to how to make the correction.

Even when you have corrected the errors you must start the whole upload process over again. You must delete the bad file before you upload the corrected version, a time-consuming task. This is not necessarily true, and the risks may outweigh the advantages. In some cases that might not matter, but in others it will.

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It is important to know where your target market lies and how many potential readers you are giving up. If your book appeals to the Canadian market, for example, you may be giving up about 10 million ebook buyers via Apple iBooks and Kobo. The Author Earnings site has an interesting chart and statistics to help in your decision-making.

So look at the territories where your book may be sold to assess the impact of this policy. Technically, this claim is true.

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The work is still yours. But in practice, the claim is a bit misleading.

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And if you have a payment dispute, you can only sue for the amount of monies payable for the accounting period in question. Amazon dictates the minimums and maximum list price, based both on the size of your book and the royalty plan you select. See Amazon List Price Requirements. The retailer, too, can choose to sell your book at a price below your list price, minus delivery costs and any applicable Value Added Tax. Add-on costs can eat away at your earnings.

Need help getting your book published? We offer consultation services, book conversions and assistance with getting your book distributed.

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The first lecture of the course was a little awkward. It was a poorly recorded informal class that he had led to teach people about the opportunity presented by Amazon Kindle. It still had useful information though, and the subsequent lectures got much better. The course is fairly comprehensive. It takes you through everything from doing research on how to position your book on Amazon, to writing, to formatting, to marketing and promoting your book.

For me, the biggest value from the course came from the confidence it gave me to start writing my own book. I started taking the course in late February, and by early March, I decided to write a book, which I ended up publishing on June 5th. Could I have designed the cover myself?

Would it have looked anywhere near as good as the design I got? Definitely not:. God bless the internet. I used fiverr. They can charge more now, but you can still find people offering quality work at an absurdly cheap rate. I liked some of her covers so I decided to do business with her. One day and one revision later, I got a great cover that I am incredibly happy with.

There was also a small transaction fee that fiverr charges, plus a tip that I left which also incurred a transaction fee. Money well spent. I make numerous, sometimes embarrassing mistakes.

How to Publish Ebooks on Amazon With Kindle Direct Publishing

The person I picked was a friend who was editor of the school paper in high school, so she had experience and training with editing writing. Pricing is pretty flexible. Make something up and find someone willing to go along.

So there we have all my costs:. So how long will it take for me to get a return on my investment? For a deep-dive into my pricing strategy, you can read this article:. That puts me on pace for making back my investment in less than three months.