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Strong Faith=Strong Family

For more than a decade, Jay and Heidi St. John have been ministering to families. JOHN Heidi's ability to bypass our prejudices and preconceptions allows her to speak directly to the heart of every reader as she offers wisdom, inspiration and grace to those who are all-too-often feeling overwhelmed by all that's on their plate. Click to View. Getting and staying organized is a challenge—but throw in motherhood and you've got yourself a real challenge. Join me today as my friend, author Kristi Clover and I dish about real life motherhood and simple solutions to tame the clutter at home.

Reward Yourself

Be sure to pick up Kristi's new book, M. Last week, I went by myself to a school district meeting where parents could review the new sex-ed curriculum that activists are hoping to get into schools next year.

A Prayer for Busy Moms to Keep Bible Study a Priority

What I found was alarming. Listen in to see what activists disguised….

Bible Study for Busy Moms

Thirty years have passed in the space of ten, I think. How does it go so fast? I was nineteen and he was twenty-one…. Today in , my husband Jay and I said "I do. Bottom line?

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Read it to yourself, and read it to the children during breakfast and lunchtime. Read the passage first thing in the morning. Read the passage before you go to bed at night. Bookend your days with the reading of this passage of Scripture. Write the verses at the top of your to-do list. This way, every time you look over your to-do list, you can review the Scripture passage. Squeeze every drop of nourishment out of the passage all day long through these short readings of Scripture.

A Busy Mom’s Guide to Meditating on a Passage of Scripture

Choose when you will have a quiet time each day. We are creatures of habit, so select a time that works best in your season of life, and work toward being disciplined at that time. One of my strongest memories from childhood is of my mother studying her Bible late at night at the kitchen table. There are many great Christian heroes of the faith down through the ages who had early-morning quiet times, including David Psalm and Daniel Daniel In Mark , we see Jesus spending time with His Father in the morning:. She means to rise earlier than they do so you can have a few moments of solitude.

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There is a small window of time in the morning that slams shut the moment your children wake. So even if you can only rise five minutes early, grab that five minutes and delight in your devotions with your heavenly Father.

He loves you so! Plan your solitary place. Matthew says:. When you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret.

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  • A Busy Mom’s Guide to Meditating on a Passage of Scripture.

And your Father who sees in secret will reward you. In the closet, I put a chair and footstool bought at a bargain outlet store; a cheap nightstand filled with my journal, Bible, and hymnal; and a little water fountain and CD player in the corner, along with some photos of loved ones. One of the only solitary rooms in our home now is the bathroom. In our first home, I turned my vanity in the master bathroom into my sanctuary! We took down the mirror, and I put up a dry-erase board.

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Then, rather than using the drawers for makeup and accessories, I filled them with devotional books, highlighters, my Bible, and planner, and set my computer on the countertop. I have worked hard to create an escape from the distractions of life to be alone with God. I encourage you to create a place that is inviting and that is ready and waiting for you. Or maybe, like my mom, you prefer the kitchen table! He wants to tell us how much He loves us and guide us by His Word.