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There are seven clans—think of them like the houses on Game of Thrones —each with their own clearly defined culture and look. Though there are seven, there are really only three you need to know to understand the series.

Conan, Kid, and the Crystal Mother

The bumpy-headed Drenchen, the black-haired Spriton, the seafaring Sifa, and the blue-tinged, death-obsessed Dousan all have their part to play in the resistance. But What About the Individual Heroes?

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The Gelfling in the original movie were easy to tell apart because, well, there were only two of them. This new series is packed to the gills with Gelfling, and they can sometimes be hard to distinguish.

But you should at least be able to recognize our trio of heroes—the Ron, Harry, and Hermione, if you will. Each of the three central clans of the story offers up one heroic archetype who will anchor Age of Resistance. His father Mark Strong is a captain of the guard. Female Gelfling have wings; their male counterparts do not. She will have to leave home in order to fight in the resistance. So, What Are We Resisting?

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They will have to find a new way to stay forever young and, in their desperation, will put the Gelfling, and all of Thra, at risk. Is this a cautionary environmentalist tale? It might be.


Fans of the original film will recognize a number of the same characters skulking around the Skeksi castle, including the stuff of nightmares, the scheming Chamberlain. They are, in turn, ruled by the Emperor Jason Isaacs. But the Gelfling have their own system of government, which centers on a matriarchal society. The seven Gelfling queens and the Skeksis Emperor have a detente, as long as the women understand who is really in charge.


Is That It, Then? Just Gelfling and Skeksis? Not hardly! Fans of the original film will remember the cranky, three-eyed Aughra Donna Kimball , who is a somewhat forgetful protector of Thra.

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Then there are the Podlings, who are treated as lesser creatures but have a purity of heart. The primary Podling in this story is called Hup Victor Yerrid , and he is the best. Fizzgigs are a race of fuzzy, growling, dog-like puffballs; the primary version in this story is voiced by Muppet legend Dave Goelz, whom you may know as the voice of Gonzo. And then there are the Mystics, a mysterious race of all-knowing, very chill beings who have a curious connection to the Skeksis.

Bill Hader voices one of these creatures.

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But those who did see the film were left with an indelible impression. In the method, the process route is simple; active ingredients in the crystal mother solution of the xylitol are fully utilized; the L-arabinose with high added value in the mother solution of the xylitol is extracted while the xylitol in the crystal mother solution of the xylitol is reclaimed; and the L-arabinose has good market application prospect in the aspects of weight reduction, diabetes control and the like.

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