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Adam Rhodes added: 'I remember kids coming into school with Adidas, Nike etc I asked my parents why, they told me "Because you'll grow out of them before you make good use of them" and that was that. Surely people haven't lost the ability to explain this to their kids these days? The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

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He topped off his new living quarters with the last of his worldly belongings: a large-screen television, a DVD player, and a Sony PlayStation. Eric rented a proper bedroom upstairs, while Spencer moved back into the dorms at Transylvania. During a meeting in the basement, Warren convinced the other two that they were going to need a fourth, principally to help haul the nearly pounds in Audubon folios out of the library. After a brief discussion they chose Chas Allen, a handsome, clean-cut U. Chas not only lived in the yellow bungalow but also was a part owner of it with his father, a prominent Lexington real-estate investor.

When Eric let him in on the plan, Chas mocked the three as deluded potheads, he recalls. In between soccer practice, classes, painting, and studying, Spencer drew detailed sketches of the inside of the Special Collections Library and the adjacent Rare Book Room, making several appointments with the Special Collections librarian, Betty Jean Gooch, to scout the premises.

The others spent time in the library, too, taking notes on staff routines and viable escape routes. They surveyed the offices of the campus police. Around Halloween, Warren drafted a working plan, which he presented to the other three in the basement. The day of the heist was to be Thursday, December 16, one of the last days of final exams—the library would be nearly empty. Warren, under an alias, would make an appointment with Gooch for that afternoon to view the books they wanted to steal.

The plan for the actual robbery sets out three distinct phases. Phase 1 begins at the bungalow when all four get into what Warren designated the G.

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Phase 1 ends when the G. Phase 2 involves the actual theft, and begins when Spencer takes his position at an upper-floor window of the nearby athletic center, where he will be on lookout.

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Because Spencer was a Transy student, he risked being recognized in the library. The three then take the staff-only elevator down to the bottom floor and escape out the west fire exit.

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Phase 3 is the escape, which involves switching the G. Lifting a technique straight from the film Reservoir Dogs, Warren assigned code names based on color: Mr. Green Spencer , Mr. Yellow Warren , and Mr. Black Eric —as in the film, emotions turned testy when he assigned Mr. Pink, in this case to Chas. The reaction to the plan was generally positive—shortly after Thanksgiving, they moved forward. He covered his tracks by using public phones and campus computers.

Writing from walter. Warren also ordered four stun guns over the Internet. Meanwhile, Eric lined up the G. Spencer assembled a small wardrobe of fake beards, gray wigs, and costume glue.

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To have time to properly apply the disguises, he tried to reschedule his art-history final for later in the day on the 16th, but was unsuccessful. The stun guns Warren had ordered never arrived, so he drove around town and returned with a Black Cobra Stun Pen, and had Spencer zap him and Eric to test its knockdown power. When they arrived on campus in the replacement G. Once the boys were inside the library, students stared at the ridiculous old-man disguises.

Spencer had had to do a rush job on them because his art-history final had run long. They also noticed a group of people lingering in the Rare Book Room. After a quick powwow in the stacks, the conspirators decided to abort the mission for the time being and retreated to the bungalow.

By five P. Gooch agreed to reschedule for 11 the next morning. According to the revised plan, they would ditch the old-man disguises and only Warren and Eric would enter the library. Afterward, he was to call Eric up to haul the books in two trips to the G. Spencer would communicate with Warren from a cell phone, which Warren would steal from a student in the morning. The whole operation would have to be completed by P.

For added anonymity, Warren bleached his hair blond that night. Lifting a technique straight from the film Reservoir Dogs, Warren assigned code names based on color. At 11 the next morning, Chas slipped the G. Warren went up to the third floor to meet Gooch, while Eric waited downstairs for him to call. That was the plan. When I get up there, B.

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I took my zip ties and I put them around her feet and put them around her arms. The books were much heavier than the boys had projected, and the pair could handle only three at a time. They stuffed some of the smaller books Gooch had pulled out for them into their backpacks.

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With each taking one end of the Audubons, they made their way to the staff-only elevator. They went back up in the elevator, accidentally stopping on the main floor, where they were spotted by another librarian. I guess when we did that she went upstairs to check on B. Realizing that the only way out was through the main floor, they took the elevator up once again and carried the books into a back stairwell that led to another exit.

As they scooted down the stairs their arms gave out and they stopped to catch their breath. Eric had propped the folios on the steps with his foot when the librarian appeared at the top of the stairs, beside herself with rage after finding Gooch hog-tied in the Rare Book Room. Eric dropped the books, and he and Warren made a run for it. Chas backs up [the van] and almost hits the woman as Eric comes around to the door. Warren had run up the side of the hill and frantically ran off.

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And Eric calls to him. And so I see Warren go back.. They jump in the van and peel out around the loop. Chas turned the G. Improvising on the plan, he kicked Eric and Warren out on the street, believing three men in a gray minivan would draw too much attention. Warren and Eric got out of the G.

The two boys sought cover from the cops in the sprawling grounds of the housing projects. But before long they were put to chase once again, this time by two local thugs. Frightened and alone in an unfriendly neighborhood and weighed down with priceless books, Warren and Eric barreled down the street, frantically trying to hail a police cruiser to rescue them. As they ran, they stumbled again into Chas, who had returned in another car as promised, just in time to save them and drive Eric to U. The librarian who chased them out of the library did tell police the correct total of four thieves, even though she had seen only three.

A witness had written down a license-plate number, but it was way off.