The Second World War: WW2 - An Alternate History

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Add to Bag. Teamed in close quarters, they find themselves falling in love during a period in history when such relationships are dangerous.

Then, something goes wrong with the project, and Ben and Tom disappear. No bodies are ever found, and theyare presumed dead. Solving the mystery of what happened to them will fall into the hands of a grizzled old collector of those rare objects, physical books, in a time a few decades into the 21st century; tracing odd clues left in handmade copies of a particular poetry book, the bookseller begins to discover the secrets of a romance unbound by time.

This slender novella is a change of pace from an an author known for his densely plotted future fables River of Gods , but it loses none of its emotional power for a lack of additional pages.

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The lizard-like aliens have advanced technology—but not too advanced; they have jets and missiles and nuclear weapons and, sure, spaceships at a time when humanity is just a few years from their own first primitive versions of the same. Instead, they encounter a world where the engines of war are revved up and producing startling scientific breakthroughs at what seems to the aliens an impossible pace.

In , Hitler issues a historic order: work on the V2 Rocket is to cease, and work on an orbital spacecraft capable of attacking the United States directly is to begin. Eschewing discussion of the motives for the Civil War in favor of military minutiae, however, Gingrich plays into the atavistic belief that Lee was noble without also marking himself as a nostalgic bigot.

It's a political fantasy that protects Southerners from blame, as Politico noted in a review of the trilogy, "where unpleasant and inconvenient facts are swept away. Among Civil War alternate history authors are what Hellekson calls "battlefield fetishists," whose work can potentially be considered apologia, a written justification of someone's work.

WWII alternate endings: parallels with current politics

Lee in detail and see a Southern gentleman Given the number of times authors have already told an "if the South had won" story, then, a project like Confederate isn't particularly novel. The premise has another issue: Series creators David Benioff and D.

We Happy Few

Weiss are both white men who tend to work on shows and movies featuring mostly white people a notable exception for Benioff is 's Kite Runner , for which he wrote the screenplay. As for Game of Thrones , the show has been criticized over its depictions of people of color and lack of diversity in casting. In either case, in a nation where black people are still denied basic rights like enfranchisement and equal pay , and Confederate flags still fly, Confederate 's premise still represents a reality behind its alternate reality premise.

Black America , however, presents something more unique for creators and consumers of this genre to consider: what could have been had the U. Until both the government and society contend with contemporary white supremacy, stories of a victorious South are "alternate" in genre name only.

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Right-wingers may be more culturally associated with firearms, but the left has trained for combat since the 19th century. The author of a book on "fascist creep" provides some historical perspective. The sociologist and poet talks about how creativity allows her to tackle social problems in almost limitless ways.

What if the Nazis won? Explaining our fascination with alternate history | inews

And while you're here, check out some more of our delicious lists. Try The Top 7 historically inaccurate historical games and The Top 7 Historical figures defamed by games. When HBO announced Confederate —an upcoming show that will imagine the Confederate army won the Civil War—on July 19th, its premise was overwhelmingly criticized.

A viral Twitter hashtag NoConfederate emerged, and the released information inspired multiple critiques before the show has even been written. Black America has a different imaginary take: It will depict what the country might look like if, after the Civil War, black Americans received reparations in the form of three Southern states.

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Both shows are alternate histories , a subgenre of science fiction and historical fiction that explores what the world might look like had major historical events never happened, or gone differently. This genre has long been a staple of the American literary diet, but this summer it has been in the spotlight for the ways that it can promote political agendas. Considering the socio-political implications of one's work is crucial for all literature—but perhaps especially in alternate history, which tends toward stories about two infamous white supremacist regimes: Nazi Germany and the Confederacy.

From the midth century onward, American alternate history writers have been fascinated with the Civil War and Adolf Hitler's Germany. Lee wins the Battle of Gettysburg.

Alternate History of the World 1936-2018

Though reportedly the first Nazi Germany alternate history was published in , Philip K. That creatives would fixate on these events is no great surprise according to Karen Hellekson , author of The Alternate History: Refiguring Historical Time. Hellekson says that these two wars are particularly popular because they "have physical memorials and battlefield re-creation fans"—unlike, say, World War I or the Korean War and therefore feel "more immediate. Colson Whitehead's Civil War alternate history.

When Is an Alternate History Entertaining, and When Is It Harmful?

In some cases, alternate histories offer painful yet incisive exhumations of the dark periods they are set in. Take Colson Whitehead 's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel The Underground Railroad : Set in the antebellum South, Whitehead's book imagines that the underground railroad was a literal train system, which carries both the protagonist and readers through space and time. In Whitehead's book, a teenage girl named Cora runs away from the plantation where she is enslaved in Georgia. Boarding the underground railroad, she visits several other states on her way to freedom, each state representing "a different state of American possibility," as Colson said in an interview at the Vancouver Writer's Festival last year.

For example, the first state Cora rides to is South Carolina, where the state's ostensibly forward-thinking policies are actually a guise for eugenics programs reminiscent of forced sterilization and the Tuskegee syphilis experiment. Whitehead's book, then, isn't so much an "escape" as it is a confrontation for readers who are aware of the facts of slavery.

Whitehead's goal is to compel readers to face evil—not to feel better, or that America has moved on, but to acknowledge and critically examine both the past and the present. Whitehead has compared the slave patrol, which would stop black people, demand to see identification, and often beat them, to "an early version of stop and frisk. The first book of Newt Gingrich's Civil War alternate history trilogy.

Other times, however, alternate history makes good on claims that it whitewashes the horrors of white supremacy.