YOU ARE A LOSER! How to become a Non-Loser ... Not a Millionaire

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If all you have is hope, what do you have?

It's like saying you have nothing left. I don't gamble with my businesses. Those claims of hope don't sound that inviting to me.

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As a manager and leader, I don't try just to create hope in my team. Competition, unforeseen and unforeseeable events, weather, and all sorts of other things undermine my predictions. I focus on what I can do and work with expectation. I know I can deliver my best and lead the team to perform at its best. Ashwin Oct 3, at am. Dave Martin Feb 20, at pm. AJ Money Matters Feb 4, at am. Marquin alberty Jan 18, at pm.

Why Successful People Leave Their Loser Friends Behind

Ignou Nov 20, at pm. True friend will never leave others behind. Christina more Jul 16, at am. Tom that was a great comment that you made.

You are very wise thank you so much. Fiona Jul 15, at am. Senyange Umar Dec 27, at pm. Peter Dec 14, at pm. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Published 4 hours ago on Oct 8, By Sandra Dufrene. Continue Reading. Published 1 day ago on Oct 7, By Anna Medina. Published 2 days ago on Oct 6, By Christopher Maher.

Published 3 days ago on Oct 5, By Bipin Baloni. Latest Trending Videos. Success Advice 4 hours ago. Success Advice 1 day ago.

A supportive space for anyone struggling with depression.

Success Advice 2 days ago. Success Advice 3 days ago. Life 4 days ago. Quotes 11 months ago. Quotes 6 years ago. Quotes 8 years ago. Videos 3 years ago. Videos 4 years ago. Life 3 weeks ago. What's interesting about Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is that he's not just a sore loser , he's also a sore winner. He handles the media spotlight worse than any other starting quarterback in the NFL.

I'm not saying Flacco is a bad quarterback, and neither is anyone else really. But he seems to think that there's a national conspiracy directed at him, particularly after a loss. The Knicks haven't have a lot of success of late and they continued their record of non-success in with a first round loss to the Heat in the NBA playoffs. The series only went five game and it was even less competitive than it sounds.

Stoudemire busted up his hand after a Game 2 loss after taking on a fire extinguisher and losing It's an unpleasant world the Chinese Olympians live in where a silver medal is cause for tears. There were a number of Chinese athletes weeping like children on the podium after disgracing their country with second place finishes.

Let's just hope they were being dramatic and aren't serving time at some kind of hard labor camp right now. After the summer the Lions had, you have to wonder what kind of ship head coach Jim Schwartz is running in Detroit. But what can you expect from a team when their leader sets such a poor example of how adults are supposed to behave. When the Lions lost a close one to the 49ers in , Niners coach Jim Harbaugh's "sorry you lost" back slap was a bit too exuberant for the likes of Schwartz.

And Schwartz, for his part, decided to address it on national television by trying to pick a fight with Harbaugh right there on the field. Considering the rarity of wins during the unremarkable starting career of NFL quarterback Derek Anderson, one would think he'd be able to deal with losing a little better.

Anyone with more interceptions than touchdowns should be used to losing. But in Anderson, then with the Cardinals, lost his cool as if he ever had any after an embarrassing loss to the division foe 49ers. A reporter had the nerve to ask the quarterback what he and teammate were laughing about on the sideline during the game and Anderson just went mental. First he started yelling about how nothing about the game was funny and then he denied laughing entirely before cutting the presser short and storming off.

Seems his duties as Cam Newton's clipboard holder are much more suited to his temperament, as well as his abilities. Maybe tennis superstar Serena Williams sucks at losing because she does it so infrequently. She is coming off yet another U. Open win and her first singles gold medal at the Olympics in London. That being said, she's got some issues when things don't go her way. Her most famous incident came at the U. Open in which she was disqualified for threatening to kill one of the line judges.

The Cubs are no longer lovable losers - but has the team lost its soul?

The initial call was just a foot fault but the whole situation took on a much uglier tone soon after. Former head coach of the University of Michigan's women's basketball team Kevin Borseth became infamous for this post-loss press conference. It was quite clear as he coasted into the frame and threw his papers down in a huff that things were going to get interesting.

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And they did. Former tennis player Andy Roddick announced that he would retire after the U. Well, he didn't win the tournament, but he actually managed to keep his crap together. Which is not exactly the norm. Jones had a pretty good run in the 90's, winning three Super Bowl Championships. But Jones just hasn't learned how to adjust to the new NFL in the salary cap era and he's becoming increasingly sour about the whole situation.

Every season that the Cowboys get bounced in the first round or miss the playoffs altogether, GM Jerry takes to the media to express his frustrations. When the Cowboys lose, Jones is always the first one addressing them media complaining about the loss and sharing all the changes the "coaches" see: Jerry Jones are going to make. In golf legend Tiger Woods' defense, he spent nearly a decade of his career not losing.